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VALUE PROPOSITION: General Beverage’s House of Jane products (under the brand name, ‘Jane’s Brew’) are for people who want to enjoy the effects of cannabis, either socially or for medical therapy, without smoking. Jane’s Brew takes away the stigma attached to enjoying cannabis by providing cannabis-infused, gourmet coffee’s, teas, hot chocolates and other edibles, delivered in packaging that is consistent with premium mainstream brands. Products are offered in a variety of scientifically- controlled dosages, such as: K-cups (coffees and teas), Sweetener, Creamer, Coffee and Tea mixes, Hot Chocolate mixes, and powdered food enhancers. It’s the cultured alternative to smoking pot or ingesting narcotics. 

“We make cannabis a socially upscale experience”


B-Box Creamer

B-Box Sweetener

B-Box Instant Dark Roast

Jane’s Brew Family (Render)

K-Cup Box Chamomile Tea


Mocha Café



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