(The Anti-Agency)

Has layers of account people who can’t wait to pass your account on to a junior person.

Has experienced specialists who work directly with you. Collaboratively. Like a partner. Start to finish. Collaboration is especially important when we help you with logo design and branding development, we have a process that makes this easy and rewarding.

Obsessed with developing creative work that wins awards and garners personal prestige.

Obsessed with developing creative work that wins results and garners bottom-line success. Our success is when the online advertising campaigns we create for you, help build your business.

Assigns a team of 25-year-old creatives to your account, eager to learn your business.

Assigns savvy marketing and creative professionals who already know your industry, eager to apply their expertise to your project. You can be assured that the W Partner team that works on your branding or logo development or marketing plan brings vast big brand experience from some of the largest most respected agencies in the country.

Would like to use your account as a stepping-stone to a bigger and better piece of business.

Would like to use our success in growing your business as a stepping-stone to a bigger and better piece of your account. We know when we provide you with solid marketing and advertising solutions, be they traditional or online or a combination of both you will return again and again. We are about the relationship.

Will invite you to play golf – and bill you for their time on the course.

Will invite you to play “what if” in a rousing strategy session designed to put your goals and objectives on course. Marketing planning can be a tedious process, branding can be a daunting task, for all the marketing and advertising solutions we provide, we have processes in place to make it fast and enjoyable.

Presents the brochure (or other slick sales tool) and says to your sales staff: “Here, now go sell.”

We say: “Let’s talk to your sales staff and your clients to hear what they have to say.” Only then do we begin to develop the tools your sales team needs to achieve success. And, while we have a lot of national accounts, many of our more local clients are located in New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania. This makes it easy and cost efficient for us to meet with them and interact with their client’s face to face.