One big reason businesses struggle

If I have a sign on one side of the room and a candle on the opposite side and I ask you read the sign what will you say? You’ll say, you can’t read it. The reason you can’t read it, however, isn’t because the light isn’t bright enough. The real reason is because the light isn’t concentrated enough. The same candle power in a flash light from across the room will illuminate the sign to become readable because now the light is concentrated into a beam.

This is the same thing that often happens when we communicate about our businesses. The messages are not concentrated and therefore people don’t have a quick way to assess your value to them and they quickly disappear. Think of your website, you have between 5 – 10 seconds to communicate your value before people are gone. So, we need to put guardrails around our messages so people can understand quickly why they should do business with us. Before you do any marketing; create a tagline, a website, a brochure, or sales training, its important to create concentrated messaging (it starts with the development of your value proposition and a brand platform.) Guardrails keep us from veering off cliffs and in this context keeps us from generating fuzzy messages that splinter off in every direction not unlike candle light. There’s a place for candle light of course, but lets save it for dining and romance.

You’ll know if its time to re-think your messaging if any of the following applies to you:

  • You feel you are inventing the wheel every time you have to write or talk about your business
  • Your sales team members don’t say the same thing when selling your products or services to prospects
  • You’re losing business to competitors because their marketing messages are more polished
  • Anyone in your industry could use your tagline
  • Your mother couldn’t explain what you do
  • Sales are sluggish

Keep an eye out for more tips on marketing messaging. For a quick diagnostic on your marketing messaging consider signing up for our free 30 minute messaging strength assessment.

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