Two critical aspects to outmaneuvering the competition.

There are times it takes a better strategy for delivering your products or services. In other cases, you may already have a better strategy but to compete more effectively you need to do a better job of communicating your unique strategy, your bigger difference.

Think of times when people have come up with a better strategy. They have changed the game, even changed the rules. They have strategically innovated to uniquely meet the needs of customers. When done right you can use this to dominate an industry. Richard Branson changed the game, changed the rules – and then communicated it effectively “Virgin Atlantic. Flying in the face of ordinary.”Apple changed their focus from providing intelligent computing to challenging the status quo (Think Different.) In doing so, they are able to dominate an industry.

At The W Partners we find many companies with whom we work have a bigger difference (a unique strategy) but it is buried in a lot of confusing conversation and messaging. They try too hard to say everything and thereby bury the main nugget of what makes them truly different. I maintain that companies may not need to completely overhaul their strategy to be successful. They may however, need to do some surgical dissection to uncover their meaningful competitive advantage. And, despite what others may say, every company has one!

This is even true for companies in a crowded category, for example, over the years we have done a lot of work with cabinetry brands. In one instance, our research revealed that homeowners had a true emotional connection with their new kitchens. The company was not in a position to alter their business strategy but we were able to help them reposition the company differently. We summarized a new position throughout various consumer ad campaigns and dealer support materials and summarized it with a tagline that combines the enduring quality of the product with the emotional experience a homeowner feels every time they walk into their new kitchen – “Fall in love every day for a lifetime.” The new position provides guardrails for all communication from sales playbook messaging to marketing materials. We featured actual customers and their testimonials and real kitchen installations to validate the “love” position. For another cabinetry manufacturer we developed the tagline “Unpretentious Distinction.” It’s a unique position that no other cabinetry brand of its kind could accurately lay claim to. And, one that uniquely blends the culture and business philosophy of the company with its alluring cabinetry selections.

So, by all means, change how you compete by changing your strategy to uniquely meet the needs of your customers and then be certain to effectively capture and communicate your bigger difference.

If you would like to have our outside perspective on the strength of your messaging, give us a call.

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