Are you communicating your unique value in 5 seconds?

Time is short. Attention spans are shorter. Ask yourself these 3 questions about your brand or product…

1. Within 5 seconds of a visitor coming to your website, seeing your brochure or interacting with your signage, are you confident that they understand who you are, how you’re unique and how you make their lives easier?

2. Does your mother understand what your company does and how you’re unique?

3. Does everyone on your marketing and sales teams know your unique value proposition and speak it accurately, succinctly and consistently?

I was speaking with one of our clients who will be revealing their new product at a trade show and asked him if he had worked on his 30-second speech about the product in preparation to talk with prospects. He began to ramble on and on, and in all honesty, I can’t remember exactly what he said. This was only yesterday. It’s either me being dense and having quazi-dimentia (is that a word? If not, perhaps it should be as I often find myself in that state) or he was not being succinct and adhering to the rule that you have 5 seconds to communicate your unique value.

We recently completed a product launch and I will use the product brochure as an example of the 5 second rule. When you see the brochure, in about 5 seconds, it communicates what the product is (modular outdoor kitchens), it’s unique value (installs in a day) and the target audience (groovy, tattooed, male, DIY’er). If the viewer likes what they see, there’s more information for them to digest. If they don’t, they can move on, happy that we didn’t waste their time with meandering, complex messaging.

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