And Now, A Simple Approach to Effective Marketing.

One of my partners recently sent me a memo that is intriguing in its simplicity. He maintains that “All marketing today is direct marketing. The future of customer communications lies in content. Mobile and Social are the building blocks of customer engagement and commerce AND data analytics is the engine that drives strategy and optimizes success.” I can’t argue with this but I may want to expand on it. I think there are additional important communications tools and some consideration must be made about the target audience and where they are when decisions about my product or service is being made. For instance I spoke with one of our global clients yesterday who have workers with whom they must communicate, none of whom are on phones nor have access to computers. There are times when social and mobile are not the solution. What I do agree with is that all marketing is (or should be) direct. The more we can get direct access to the hearts and minds of the target on an individualized basis with an individualized message, the more effective I believe we will be.

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