Seriously, a brand can do very little with weak messaging

A brand, even a really good brand, will lay there like smashed crackers on a dirty linoleum floor if it isn’t held together by consistent and meaningful, strategically based words and images.

Many times we have had clients come to us with a request such as “We need a new website”or, “We need a digital campaign”. Sometimes it’s “We need a blog”or “We need a marketing plan.”My initial response is “Well, maybe.”

The first question we ask is “How do you know?” And a close second question is, “What do you want/need to say?”

It doesn’t take more than an hour to determine that often in fact, they don’t need exactly what they thought they needed and further we find what is lacking is good fundamental messaging. Messaging grounded in strategy. We believe messaging starts with understanding many things, but at its core is your Value Proposition.

There are plenty of other brand elements that create the entire framework of the brand of course… but to create marketing tools that really work – from websites to brochures to digital campaigns – starts with messaging that is grounded in strategy.

Here is a quick story that is proof of how big a difference this can make:

One b-to-b company we work with (and this is so common) had no consistent branding/messaging. We worked with them to give them a new identity and look, we worked with them and helped them develop their value proposition and the entire brand platform. (The brand platform we create is a one page detailed “brief” that we find enormously helpful.) We designed and produced all new tools (website, marketing brochures, sales materials, etc.). Within 8 months the results were an 18% increase in revenue. 

Messaging that is grounded in strategy pulls everyone together, both internally and externally. Sales people start to talk from the same sheet of music, customers and prospects hear and see what they need to hear and see to make informed and QUICK decisions. That’s a good day!

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