7 common marketing frustrations that may indicate its time to make some changes.

Some questions to ponder that will reveal the state of your current marketing and the amount of money you are either wasting OR leaving on the table. Your answers will likely be an important indicator that it is time to do a re-evaluation.  

This is often the time of year senior managers and company owners take stock of their current situations and do some much needed house cleaning of the things that aren’t working as well as they should. It’s a great time for reflection, so why not include some important time to reflect on your marketing? When we crunched our data and reflected on the reasons companies make a change and come to us for help they fall into a couple of common areas of frustration. 

Are any of these frustrations occurring with you?

1. Are you frustrated because you (or key members of your team) are losing valuable time from running your business because you are spending it maneuvering multiple specialty serviceslike your SEO team, your social agency, your PR firm, your branding team, & your ad agency? (What is the time you are spending managing these entities costing you in lost revenue?) 2. Are you frustrated by a lack of EXACT ROI dataon every one of your marketing efforts? (Profit should be the true measurement of results.) 3. Are there any gaps in the level of expertiseof any of the work or service your current agency is providing? (Wasting money on any mediocre service adds up quickly.) 4. Are you frustrated because you can’t– but would like to – get  one-stop-shoppingfrom your marketing and advertising resources? (Again, what is this lost time costing you?) 5. Are you frustrated by not being completely sure which social marketing channelsto focus on and how to create a strategy that will give you a return on your investment? (By the way, 90% of all companies doing social marketing are doing it wrong.) 6. Do you have a clearly articulated value proposition for each of your customer segments, and, do you know which segments to ignoreand which to serve? (It’s costly to pursue several different segments so it’s critically important to know which one(s) represent your best return on invested marketing dollars and time.) 7. Are you frustrated because you are losing customers to a lesser competitorjust because they have a better and more buttoned up ‘story’? (Articulating a well crafted brand story has often turned out to be a huge game changer.)

SO WHAT CAN YOU DO NOW? If you aren’t experiencing any of the above frustrations, good for you! If you are experiencing some or any of the frustrations above we may be able to help. The W Partners may be a fit for you or we may not be a fit, but we are happy to chat with you and provide some direction based on your specific frustration(s). One thing you can count on – if we can’t help you we’ll be 100% honest about it. And, if we aren’t the solution, we have a huge network of specialists and 100’s of resources that we can draw from which may be.

If you’d like to see if we can help, I’m reachable at 717-278-3900 or email – adair.witmer@thewpartners.com

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