GAP? What Gap?

Gap– Defined as 1. An opening, as in wall: cleft. 2. A pass through mountains or 3., An empty space. Ding Ding Ding. Think about a time when you were disatisfied. Take a moment. When was the last time you felt disatisfied? I can tell you one of mine. Lunch. Just today! The food was advertised to me by my client as fantastic! What I actually received was well, not so much. What happened here? Well I say, there was a gap. There was a disconnect with what was promised and what was delivered. Leaving me with that sort of sad dissatisfied feeling. On a business level, this is where I play. This is where I add value in the world of advertising and marketing – in the gaps. Our company is designed around alleviating the frustration often experienced by companies who use traditional advertising agencies and design firms. I will try to say this gently to my agency and design compatriots, I mean no harm but trust me, there is almost always a GAP (an empty space) between what is promised and what is delivered. My experience is this, no one ad agency or design firm does everything at an expert level. I would level my gaze at small to medium firms but I assure you it is all the way up the food chain to even the large agencies. Ad agencies proport to provide full service capabilities. Yes, ok, but do they offer ALL services at an expert level? hmmmm. I haven’t found that to be true. AND design firms. They will often lay claim to being as capable as agencies in providing full service but are they?! Really? They are often great at design but sort of suck when it comes to strategy. Sometimes really suck! Agencies all lack expertise in some area. The large ones often have revolving doors with one account person after another, often junior account persons, who then have to educated one after the other by the client. Some are great at branding and logo development, some are good at traditional advertising, some are specialists in digital advertising. How many of them are adept at marrying this all seamlessly so its effective AND efficient. I vet these teams all the time. So far, 100% of the time there are gaps in the level of expertise in one area or another! AND when the companies with whom they are working identify these gaps, the immediate reaction is for the ad agency or design firm to be defensive and a quick scrambling occurs to fill the void that has been identified by the savvy client. I appreciate this challenge, I really do. I used to do it myself when I worked at traditional ad agencies. BUT, wouldn’t the world be a much better place if we all admitted where we are weak and embrace others who are experts in areas where we are not, as our partners!? Who stands to benefit? Oh yeah, that person we call client on whose behalf we are supposed to be focused. I’m just sayin.

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