This is as much an assignment to myself as a concept to promote. I recently drove to my daughter’s home near Asheville, North Carolina. On those long 9+ hour drives I typically listen to audio books. One such book really knocked my socks off. It wasn’t at all what I was expecting, it was called, “I shouldn’t be telling you this” by Kate White, the editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan Magazine. http://bit.ly/1JCQ6ax. The essence of the book was about being successful in the business world and it gave plenty of tips for balancing life and business. In the very first couple of chapters Kate brings up several topics and ideas around the idea of success. First, you must have a gritty, fierce resolve to want it. She then proceeds to the topic of ideas, “Great ideas are the gold mine of success, she says. Bold, brilliant ideas, not just good ideas, game changers!” She is talking about ideas that create impact, directing us to filter every idea through this lens – to ask yourself, is this a jaw dropping moment? Is this idea fearless enough? Since listening to this audio book, I’ve begun to do this very thing in my business. For instance, when a client asks us to accompish a particular task or tactic, I now challenge myself and my team to dig deeper. We ask oursevles, “if the client is willing to spend the money for that tactic what if we made that tactic work harder, not just a little harder, a LOT harder.” For a design professionals conference we are helping a client with, they said, “We think we need to have a banner.” I began to think, We have a strong theme and a great design for the conference and a banner is nice but what real long term value does such a thing have after the conference!?  The resulting mini-brainstorm was to provide ideas for how the client could engage the audience well outside the box of their norm. We came up with a variety of surprising and innovative ways to get the audience using the clients products during the conference, to get them thinking about the products in totally new and unusual ways. This embeds the new products into their subconscious by going from watching the products to using them. We tied it to a contest, which ties to follow up conversations after the conference. What started as a reason to keep the conference alive after the conference results now in higher engagement, more fun, sparks for continued conversations and relationship building and ultimately and ideally, increased sales. Here are a couple of tips for generating bold, brilliant ideas; 1. Find your creative spot, a place that takes you easily to your “zone”, 2. Book time in your schedule for creative idea generating, 3. Give your brain ideas to spark from (perhaps a folder of photo clippings, a walk in the park, a brainstorm with other people, visit museums, shows, the theater), 4. Think about what’s really needed and put your wildest craziest ideas on the wall, 5. Ask yourself, “what if?”, 6. If something captures your imagination, mentally store it. There will be those moments when you can’t execute the big ass, monster-sized, juiciest idea but you can always reign it in to make it fit. As I continue to put this concept of “Go Big, or Go Home” into action, not only are these new ideas moving my client’s businesses forward, the marketing game just got a whole lot more fun!

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