Are You Looking for the BURN!?

I’m inspired to probe the question is “good”, good enough? Recently a business coach of mine recommended the book, “From Good To Great.” I read a short exerpt from it this morning. It’s a powerful book and I am definitely going to finish reading it. After all, you are what you read, and who you hang around with – perhaps a little of the book will rub off!? As I was contemplating the good to great concept, I was reminded of a recent conversation with a prospective client of ours. They are doing a lot of things well. In fact, after a few conversations with the CEO and CMO I was thinking that we may not be able to help them. They are going along a a decent pace and certainly not losing sales or market share. What to do? I have become a firm believer that if there isn’t a fit, it is most appropriate to call it that up front. If we cannot apply our added skills to their situation and solve a pressing problem, we should not manufacture a fit. What happens in doing so, is that we compromise and add to the already tainted reputation of marketing and advertising firms everywhere. So after contemplating this for a bit I applied the concept of going from good to great. While they are in fact moving along just “fine”, I detect in them a burningdesire to excel. To become greater than they are. If this IS the case. If they DO want to take their current success to the next level, we CAN help them! Not everyone needs a fix. If there isn’t a burning problem, there isn’t a need for a fix and now I will add, if there isn’t a burning desire to drive their business to the next level, there isn’t a fit. Don’t lets try to manufacture needs where none exist. Doing so denigrates us as problem solvers and ruins the reputations of those in the business of business building. So in dicussions with prospective clients I am looking for the burn. The burning desire to create greater success orthe burning need to fix a problem. Those are the clients with whom we can come alongside and work together applying our sets of skills (in my case, the skills of my masters level teams) to help them get to that next level. Here’s to the burn!

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