What’s your 30 second speech

I recently started taking a sales training course. The reasons are pretty simple. First, in years past, individuals would answer the phone and they would invite you in to “show your stuff”. They would even return emails. This is definitely not the  case now. Secondly, everyone has to sell, even when you get referrals, once you make contact with someone who is considering doing business with you, you will eventually be in the situation of selling. So, several months into my training I’ve honed (and admittedly continue to refine) my “30 second speech” which in essence is a very fast, very focused explanation of what I do that alleviates customers pain.

After having been exposed to this discipline I’ve come to notice how very few people do this. I find myself repeatedly in the situation where I ask someone “what do you do” only to hear a long rambling dissertation of lots of things they do but that leaves me standing there in blind confusion. I try to understand and pull it all together in my mind but really, I don’t think I want to spend that kind of mental energy honing their 30 second speech. Since this is a glaring “thing” and something I experience quite often, I think it is a tip worth sharing. Everyone I believe can benefit from honing their 30 second speech. Here is the formula…(Fill in your blanks) I am ________ with ________, a provider of _________. I work with customers who are (pick pains that work for you) concerned with ______, frustrated by ______, worried about ________, unhappy with ______. I/we alleviate this by _________. Boom. Done.

I have found this enormously helpful. It has not only helped me fine-tune the true isssues that my unique business model solves, it keeps me from feeling like I am confusing and possibly boring the person who asked me, “What do you do?”. Sometimes they are just being polite. Alwaysthey are not looking for a long winded dissertation about the ins and outs of my business.

I also must give credit to Sandler training for this training tip. It is one of many many nuggets I have learned so far and I am happy to share it because I may be the one being polite with you at an upcoming cocktail party asking, “What do you do?”.

So, what’s your 30 second speech?

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