I’ve been amazed at the number of SEO charletons there are out there. I mean no offense by saying this, I’m sure some of them THINK they really are doing SEO, but many, many, oh so MANY of them are absolutely not. And when you interview them, you learn what a nasty web of intrique (and crap) they are spinning. They lead you down one rabbit hole after another – confusion and bullshit emerge. As with all things there is more than one way to skin a cat but in my effort to keep it simple, here is an SEO approach that I believe makes some sense. First, in its most basic form SEO (search engine optimization) occurs when you have relevant “stuff” on your site. Google sees it, dishes your site up when someone inquires about that particular “stuff”. I’m visual so I try to make digital machinations make sense by using visual clues. My analogy for SEO and how it works best is with a circle, where there are three key elements that when put together get your SEO fired up. The first component is social marketing, the second is content and together they drive the third element, SEO. It goes like this – your social marketer goes out into the world of social media and digs up relevance about your: product, service, target audiences, and trends. They fill you in on what’s relevant, what the discussions are, what people are looking for, etc. That information – those topics – now become your “content”. The content can take many forms of course, podcasts, videos, infographics, articles – you get the idea. Your content is the “stuff” google is looking for. So maybe its time to stir up the fire of your social machine and fire your SEO charleton.

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